Benefits of Oxygen

The planning of my wedding, and the case that I'm fighting for in the Subordinates Courts concurrently, on top of demands at work, plus getting used to my new lifestyle, I feel a rapid loss of oxygen in my life lately. In fact, I feel so stressed that I am having my eczema and the momentary headaches again.

Have you ever wondered why people tell you to take deep breaths when you are stressed? It is because breathing gets more oxygen into your body... and more oxygen in the body helps it cope with stress.

However, according to a study conducted by scientists, there is less oxygen in the atmosphere today than there used to be.

If I can buy a can of oxygen, I will grab one immediately. I wonder if we can buy cans of oxygen like these here?

What are 3 of the benefits of oxygen to the body?
Natural healing, boosting the immune system and detoxing.

We can get more oxygen into our bodies through hyperbaric therapy. Hyperbaric Therapy is a relaxing treatment that feeds more oxygen into the body at a cellular level. It is the medical use of oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure.

You can now win a Hyperbaric Therapy yourself. How to take part?

(1) 'Like' Totally Spa & Oxyjuvenate on facebook
(2) Answer the question “What are 3 of the benefits of oxygen to the body?” on this page.

Good luck :)
I wanna win too. I need an oxygen therapy badly.


  1. oh rachel,

    firstly...i am so sorry that i am out from blogging for weeks and did not visit here. so sorry. work really killing me off lately.

    finally read ur blog here tonight

  2. No prob at all Vialentino. I have been v busy too. Didn't visit your blog as well. Have a good weekend. Cheers.


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