Disappointment with Bonito Chico

I have been a supporter of Bonito Chico because Junying (my acrylic manicurist) is their ambassador. Their link was at http://bonitochico.livejournal.com. They must have become so popular and have expanded their business. Their link is now http://www.lovebonito.com

I have ordered quite a number of clothes from them and I would say their quality is quite good and their sizes fit me okay. I liked their dresses the most. I ordered more than 5 dresses from them and each time I opt for registered post to make sure that items don't get lost in the mail. So far, my things have been promptly delivered except the last order.

When I order online and have to wait for a month for my order, I normally wait and maintain my patience. But this time round, I am very angry at myself for not being careful enough. I didn't check early enough. I didn't chase. I also didn't ask for an update.

After the latest incident, I am absolutely disappointed at their service. Yes, their business grew. Yes their website is very posh and nicely done. But I have decided that I am not getting anything from them anymore.

What actually happened?

End April or first week of May 2010
Paid via ibanking transfer ($44+) and posted a comment with my contact details, description of order and breakdown of my payment as per the format that they requested.

10 May 2010
Received confirmation email from Velda from Bonito that my orders are confirmed and the items are in the midst of manufacturing. Nothing was heard from them since.

18 August 2010
No response from Bonito to-date. Email reminder 1 to Velda asking about the status of my orders as I have not received them, forwarding the confirmation email I received from Velda on 10 May. The backorder status is also not available on their website anymore.

27 August 2010
10 days later, still no response from Bonito. Email reminder 2. Had also posted on their facebook asking if someone can get back to me about my email query. Even twitted about it and realised that they are busy with their anniversary party and/or newly launched website. No response from twitter and no response from facebook.

31 August 2010
Still no response from Bonito. Email reminder 3 to the rest of the team members of Bonito. And also posted on their facebook again.

1 September 2010
Velda replied my email saying 'Can I please check which orders you placed? Cos we cannot check via the comments (at livejournal). I can try to do a check and get back to you if we're able to locate anything according to the info you've provided.'

I sent my reply saying that I cannot exactly remember the orders. It should either be one Angel sleeve top and the Summer Frock or two Angel sleeve tops. The total amount paid was forty-something dollars inclusive of registered post.

13 September 2010
Emailed Velda that I'll like to know the status. I have paid for registered post and it cannot be that items get lost in the mail.

15 September 2010
Surprised to have received two tops from Bonito named 'V-back Ruffled Blouse'. But they are not what I previously ordered. As you can see, the only tops from SSVI Backorder were 'Angel-Sleeve Burn Out Top'. Feel that they are really insincere in checking my orders and resolving my problem. I think I have given them ample time to check and get back to me. But until now, I still don't know what is going on.

Hence, I sent an email (extract) to Velda from Bonito as follows:

I didn't chase you and gave you ample time (from 1 Sept - 13 Sept) to respond to my email.  I understand that you needed time to check.

I received two tops from Bonito a moment ago. Honestly, I think you have made a mistake. These are not what I have ordered. Mine is from the SSVI Backorder - http://bonitochico.livejournal.com/166159.html#cutid1

Please let me know how I should return the two tops to you. I'm quite sure that I did not order the two tops from you. They look completely different from the SSVI backorder link. I understand that you may not manufacture the tops already or that it's out of stock. If so, please let me know if I can have my refund.

I have been a fan of Bonito. And I have ordered alot of dresses and even recommended my friends to Bonito's website. Sadly, this time round, I am quite disappointed at Bonito's service. I hope you can reply and let me know what is exactly going on.

I called up DBS to check whether I can print out a copy of my bank statement. They told me that I have to pay $20 to view one month's statement. The thing is that I can't remember whether I paid in end April or early May. So that means I have to pay $40 for two months of statement. Forget it.

Right now, I don't wish to get back my refund anymore. I don't wish to get upset over this. It's yet another lesson that  I hope to remind online shoppers to be prudent in your purchase. Please always save a sent copy of your orders or print out the hardcopy email with your transaction details. The onus is on you to check with the organisers about your purchase if there is no response from them after a reasonable period of waiting. 

It's foolish to be so trusting. I am angry at myself and my foolishness. If I have no time to shop, then I better don't do online or offline shopping. Arghh.


  1. You can go to DBS ibanking to track your past statements!

  2. Thanks JuAnn for your comment. Sadly, ibanking online only can view up to past 3 months' statement.

  3. I only ordered from them once and never again. I cannot rem why but must be not very positive hence I never go back to them again

  4. Oh dear! Then did they get back to u with regards of the wrong delivery?

  5. sugarsweet, i am unable to post a comment at your blog. Hope you read this... Really v happy to know that your Jungleboy proposed to you. I think the whole flowerpod will be v keen to know of your wedding preparations!~~ I am so happy for you.

    By the way, to answer your question, no Bonito din get back to me at all.

  6. hi dear, just saw your entry and just wanted to say i empathise with you and what happened as smth similar happened to me too with a large amount and the matter is still ongoing for more than a year with multiple excuses for delaying the refund. sigh. oh well. all lessons we online shopper learn!:) have a good weekend ahead:)

  7. that's why i always try to use paypal cos i can track all my payment history since eons ago... sorry, i didn't mean to sound like i'm rubbing it in but it's just more secure cos at least there is a recourse (dispute through paypal or file a chargeback with banks). with bank transfers, there is simply no recourse if something goes wrong and i tend to forget my orders.


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