DIY Niacinamide Beauty Mask

Thanks Zoe for recommending this DIY mask. For more information, please visit her website here.

Quoting from Zoe, "Niacinamide can help to reduce the dullness of skin, correct skin tone and bring out the natural radiance of our skin. Deficiency of this form of Vitamin B3 can cause dry scaly skin and coarse skin texture."

I was very excited after reading her blog post, I ran down to GNC during lunchtime and grabbed a bottle of GNC B-Complex capsule form. It costs $21.90.


1. Wash your face clean and towel dry.
2. Open 2 capsules of Vitamin B complex into a small plate.
3. Add a spoonful of mineral water (or distilled or purified water) and stir well.
4. If neccessary, add a little more water after stirring. Ensure mixture is well-mixed.
5. Get ready your cotton pads and allow them to soak the mixture.
6. Apply the cotton pads onto your face, avoid eye areas.
7. Leave it on for 15 minutes.
8. Tap your face gently to allow better absorption.
9. Wash your face thoroughly with water.
10. Follow with your toner and normal skincare regime.

a well-mixed Vitamin B complex

The downside of this DIY is that the yellow stains are rather stubborn to remove. Be careful not to stain your furniture. You may like to lay newspapers on the table to prevent the stains or turn off your fan when you are doing the mask.

This DIY mask contains mainly Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B3, which is safe to use and is not known to contain any toxin or cause any form of allergy. I have sensitive and oily to combination skin and I am okay with it.

I find that it really does help to even out dull skin tones, especially around my forehead and nose area.

If you are a GNC member, buy the 2nd bottle of Vitamin B complex and get 50% off.

I ate one pill of Vitamin B every alternate day for one week and my urine is bright yellow (similar to a highlighter tone). I have read reviews saying that it's normal to have bright yellow urine because taking certain vitamins will turn your urine intensely yellow. Still , I think it's quite weird and I will not eat the Vitamin for now, will just use it as a mask.


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