Black Water Rafting at Waitomo

We went for Black Water Rafting at Waitomo. It was a bad timing for me coz it's my that time of the month. We can't cancel this because we had already made payment earlier on. We can't postpone this too as we are leaving for Auckland the next day. 

The lady told me that I will be completely drenched and soaked and the only way is to wear a tampon. Goodness me, I have never worn a tampon before. I tried when I was in school and I couldn't get it in. (Ermm previously, I tried for 2 hours in the bathroom putting that thing in and I failed).

panpan was trying to be funny. He said 'Do you want me to put it in for you?'. *LOL*. Anyway, I did it after spending 30 minutes in the toilet. The bad thing is that I didn't push it far enough and I can feel the tampon and thus, I was walking in an awkward manner. Uncomfortable and weird totally describe what I felt.

I was quite handicapped. Panpan wore the entire gear for me. The wet suit to the socks, to the boots and the headgear. I was very very quiet throughout the preparation (and the whole rafting adventure). I was damn scared that my tampon fall out from under.

Our black water rafting team

We had to do this practice first before we begin our 3 hour adventure. 
Falling backwards into the water with our rubber tube.

The weather is 10 degrees. And so the water is COLD can? 
(not forgetting I CONSTANTLY WORRY about my down there leakage)

And we are going in


We had to climb up and down, jump off some rocks, go against the water currents, paddle the icy water with our hands while in our rubber tubes, beat the cold and so on.

Aiyo. I am not the adventurous sort. I keep on looking out for algaes / dirt / moving creatures in the caves and on the rocks, in case my fingers land on them. I'm also fighting hard to maintain my balance against the water. I'm also constantly worrying about my that part, ya know. So stressed.


But when I saw the beautiful glow-worms, it's all worth it. 
~~ B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L ~~

(extracted from google images)

And we are out.

Had a warm shower and we are given a bagel and tomato soup to calm and warm ourselves down. The next day I had muscleaches. Anyway, I lost 1 kg from my honeymoon trip from all the walking and the adventures and the scare (we encountered a 4.6 earthquake in our hotel room at 1.30 am). 

But at the end of it all, it was a really great honeymoon .

ps: no, there wasn't any leakage fortunately :p


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