Review: Bio-essence Multi-effect BB Cream

Bio-essence Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream SPF25/PA++
(Best for Coverage)

•    Smooth velvety texture to provide a natural & flawless finishing
•    Refines pores & whitens skin
•    Provides long lasting hydration to prevent skin dryness & regulates oil secretion
•    Nourishes skin with essential nutrients & mineral elements to revitalize skin
•    Improves skin texture for smoother, softer, refined & fairer skin
•    Protects skin from harmful UV rays with SPF25/PA++

Before applying ---> Bare face

Uneven skintone around forehead and mouth area, red and sensitive skin especially around cheek area, dull skin tone on forehead, enlarged pores, visible pigmentation on chin and cheek areas

After application:
Skintone looks even, appears more radiant, pores are visibly smaller, good coverage of pigmentation

I skipped sunblock, concealer, BB cream primer. I just dabbed on loose powder, draw my eyebrows and eyeshadow and mascara, a little blusher and lipstick and I'm ready to go :)


  1. I've heard so much about BB cream but in Canada we are always so faaar behind. Hopefully it will hit the stores soon here bcos from a lot of reviews I've read they are great! thx for sharing this

  2. Hey babe,

    It's a marked difference! Great that this bb cream works wonders on you. I tried the sample size for this but it left a white cast on me and it felt very oily after a whole day. I think it suits you very well coz of your fair and pretty tone. =)

  3. @misscindee - are u on makeupalley? perhaps we can swap. Anyways I understand the 'frustrations'. Coz when Korea has all the hypes about BB cream many years ago, it wasn't heard here at all. Glad that it's now a hit already :)

  4. @Jo - this Multi-effect one is actually a darker shade as compared to the Platinum one. (see my later post, there's a picture for comparison).

    About the white cast, could it be your sunblock? For me, i skipped the sunblock and applied this directly (as it already contains SPF25)

    Anyway, don't stop searching for one that suits you. Have fun!


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