Review: Foltène - The Hair Treatment Specialist

Thanks Mark from The Lifestyle Partnership for the shampoo and conditioner and being so accommodating to have sent the products to my office because I was unable to meet up. 

conditioner (left), shampoo (right)

Foltène hair loss products have been scientifically proven to prevent and even restore hair loss. It contains hair growth booster Tricosaccaride® for men and Tricalgoxyl® for women, which helps to strengthen fine and thinning hair. It also has vitamins and minerals for a healthy and balanced scalp.

Foltene Regenerating and Energising Shampoo - 200 ml ($38)
A complete care program aimed at restructuring, nourishing, and protecting damaged hair, this treating shampoo hydrates and restructures hair which has been damaged by environmental aggressions, stress and chemical treatments.

My review: I was quite apprehensive about 'professional' shampoos because normally such shampoos don't have nice scent like Japanese brands eg Essential. I'm surprised to find the scent acceptable. It's of course not those fruity sweet smelling fragrance but pleasant. So long as it is non-oily and aids in hair loss, that's more important. What I like most about Foltene is that it is Sodium lauryl ether sulfate free and doesn't irritate the skin. I recommend this shampoo if you have oily scalp and want to combat hair loss. I've used Foltene for about 1 week, I might purchase this after my hubby finishes his Clean&Clear Men shampoo. 

I previously used Nioxin and Rene Furterer (the salesperson's recommendation at roadshow sales) but it didn't help to reduce the oily feeling after shampooing and didn't help in hair loss. 

Foltène Revitalising Conditioner ($58)

The only conditioner specially formulated for people who face dandruff and hair loss problems! The unique formula contains ingredients that strengthens and thickens hair, controls dandruff and prevents split ends. 

  • Ceramides - Helps to hydrate and repair the fiber, reduces frizz in hair, prevents split ends, strengthens and reduces breakages. 
  • Aloe Vera - Contains herbal extracts, natural oils and vitamins vital for healthy hair. It stimulates new hair cells for hair growth and helps prevent hair loss and dandruff problems. 
  • Jojoba Oil - Moisturizes and softens hair, leaving it shiny and manageable. It prevents the product build-up on cuticles which often prevents hair from receiving the necessary nutrients. 
  • Vitamin E - Its anti-ageing properties is the perfect remedy for dandruff and improves the scalp circulation. 
My review: The conditioner is moisturising and non-oily. It is easy to wash off unlike some hair masks and it's the only conditioner that claims that you can even apply it on the scalp (not just the ends!).

For more information on Foltene, please visit This product is available for sale at Robinsons, John Little and selected Watsons. 

They are also specialising in eyelash treatment. Check out their facebook page too.