Yesterday I went to the salon for my usual pedicure and manicure session. There was another customer beside me doing her nails. And suddenly, the manicurist attending to her blurted out a comment, threw the filing pad into the sink and left. She went to change (from her uniform into her own clothing), came out with a black face and then tell her colleagues that she is done for the day.

After she left, the customer screamed and shouted 'what kind of attitude is this?', the other three manicurists were concurrently telling me about her bad temper and because all 3 of them are talking/replying/commenting at the same time, it was difficult to listen to any one person.

Shortly, a friend of that customer sitting beside me walked in and that drama story was repeated and
reenacted all over again.

I think I was the only person who was listening all the way while 5 people were talking (to some extent raising their voices) simultaneously at the same time on the same topic.

This incident made me stepped back and reflect on the situation.

Not so much on the following: why that manicurist threw a tantrum at the customer, what made her flare up, whether she was wrong, is the customer always right in the service line, how will the boss react if she knows of this matter, does that manicurist get along well with her colleagues in the shop etc.

But rather, the state of being calm. I was the only person who was not as emotional as the rest. Well, you can say detached, or some people might say bo chap. This is not the point. I was aware of what happened just that I didn't allow those things to affect me.

One might say perhaps it's because I'm not the customer whom that manicurist threw the filer at, that's why I can be more cool-headed. Maybe.

Well, not so good things have happened lately in my life. I did cry, I felt injusticed, angry, bitter, pek chek etc etc. But I tell myself that I have to and will move on. Will not let the law of attraction continue to draw more negative /wrong things.

I learnt that if I don't like/don't agree with something, just don't give it any feelings and it will go away. I hope to have the peace and be able to stay this calm, no matter what happens in my life. I'll discipline my mind and body like an athelete, training to do what it should. This is something that I want to build on in myself.


A very good read on 'Self-Awareness is Key to Achieving True Happiness' that I'd like to share :)


  1. learning to relax and be calm, especially during times when the situation can get a little too tense or stressful, is something i need to pick up too. sometimes, i let emotions get my way and i say things to people i love which i ought not to.


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