Backdated: Magazine cover

My colleague saw me at the lift lobby last week and he said that I appeared on Duet's magazine recently again. He asked if I just did a shoot and how come I am still with SDU. I felt puzzled because I have not been receiving this magazine after I am married. I guess SDU has a system of knowing whether we are single or married (tie up with I suppose). My profile and information has long been deleted from their database too.

Then another online friend also whatsapp and asked me the same question; whether I was featured on SDU's cover lately. Weird...

Hmm, are they really still using my photo? (without my permission somemore?!!?)

I was only on this cover last time leh.

 We did the photoshoot at Sentosa. It was more tiring than my real wedding photoshoot. 


Btw don't think it was this photo too right?

Anyway, those who are receiving the Duet magazine, if you have any idea, please drop a note by commenting or emailing me.

Thanks much.


  1. Hey Rachel,

    I also stopped receiving Duet automatically. It's amazing how organizations in Singapore are all linked. Sorry I can't help you in this. =(


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