TSW Month 2

Yesterday, my helper put some potatoes into the soup. I didn't eat the potatoes but I still itch horribly. Even with such a strict diet, I am already itching. The potatoes just make me much worse. I scratched uncontrollably even with my hands and legs bandaged up at night.

The healing of 3 good days are discounted and I am backwards by 3 days again. I powdered my hands up with talc to stop the oozing.

I hope I have reached the peak of the worst of tsw. I feel terrible that even my scalp is oozing. The itch is so terrible and horrible that even holding onto ice cubes doesn't help a single bit.

I took 3 Atarax but I still couldn't sleep from 10 pm to 7 am. I was literally scratching away and I swear.... nothing helps.

My diet is very very strict and I have lost alot of weight. My weight before tsw was 54 kg. I am now 47 kg. Lost 7 kg within 1.5 months.

My helper has been nice. She was there for me and religiously applied coconut oil on my skin gently everyday for twice a day. She also cooked for my every lunch and dinner. My breakfast was mostly just fruit juice or smoothie.

My husband did not even took a glance at me. When my helper isn't around to help, he was very rough and uncaring when he applied moisturiser on me. To be honest, he was very impatient and he can't even be bothered about me.


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